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Why Poems?

Exploring the views in a different perspective can be quite fascinating. Although, it requires more than just an examination. Here's a little to what I see across the world and sharing my thoughts.

So why poems? a piece of writing with an exclusive amount of emotions and essence. Creating a major effect on many hearts - including me and you. Everything comes from the core. Here are no authors or appropriate manor of literature. It is an imagination of the young character trapped into all the adults.

It is there to deliver a message, something to read through. Automatically finding a way to set inside you in a rhythm. It's not always about relationships, it can be about the most crucial topics in life, such as cultural gaps, gender differences, etc.

Poems are the hope of an artist, a simple element which screams through your lungs. Individuals are now too involved into their daily routine, poems are there to destroy your fighting reality. Maybe it is only a relieve for a few seconds, but remember the thoughts are endless.  

Jotie Kaur