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I Say

She wakes up to please others
She exists to make others happy,
Her kindness is known as her wealth,
I say, she carries burden on her chest.


The wrinkles on her face, The wounds on her palms,
They think it's ordinary to have these scars.
Her strength lies within herself,
She don't require one to comfort herself.
You say she is an ordinary,

I say she is a Woman.


Today she is being praised, Tomorrow she is a waste.
Her broken-self is admiring yet powerful,
You say she is beautiful.
I say she leads with the universe,
and makes it look wonderful.



                                                       - Jotie Kaur.


Twelve lines on our hands,
Indicating hours and minutes not at our command.
I finally figured to work the lines on my hands,
It becomes more clear with each day where my time has expand.
I put a smile on my face for the earth land,
The sun rises to make peace with my past.


Something that will eventually be the messenger,
The answers to the awaiting questions of our stands.
Whereas I stroll through and rebel from time,
There are people battling to earn the same in-time.
Time virtually heals everything, give the time some time!


- Jotie Kaur.

The Untold

Our minds carry untold stories,
They are the letters which can't be written.
The treasure with an eternal lock.
Open one at a time, to the ones who are worth it,
ones who are able to connect to the untold.
ones who can carry your body to your soul.


- Jotie Kaur

Father's view

Day and night, the violent efforts. Earning to win happiness.
Life through the slums, My daughters' eyes full of dreams,
A Doll house to Pink dresses, sometimes matching ribbons.
I gave her everything she ever wanted.

Now she is a Woman, All ready to give her best,
A garden full of red roses, fully obsessed.
I feel safe when you are with me, she said,
It was now time for me to go, every tear she shed.


- Jotie Kaur


So the weekend is nearly coming to an end,
you end up getting yourself a cute date, perhaps a new friend.
Sipping away that coffee and hoping for the conversation to not be dead.

Listening to the stories, you eventually took a part in each other's lives,
Wondering how it all happened, it was too soon to say Goodbye.



- Jotie Kaur

His Fairytale

Step one.
You strike into her with a forceful impact,
believing this could get her attention.

Stept two.
It's now 3am, she is almost willing to trust you.
Beneath the stars, moonlight shadowing you two,
Everything seems to be just true.

Step three.
Timeflies, you get her something which will not fade away.
Hoping she would say 'Yes', giving her the perfect day.




- Jotie Kaur