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Victims of our own phones

Are our phones taking over our lives? Here's a question which probably everyone may think about at least once a day. I know this because this is something which has triggered myself too. There's many times you have attended personal events and most of the time is literally spent on taking pictures or videos! people don't realise the ironic importance of appreciating the world from their own eyes. Every sort of an happening event is seen from their Phone Camera's Perspective. 

For example; I recently saw a mother recording her child crawling the first time on snapchat. Although there is nothing wrong in videoing your child crawl the first time. But why is it difficult to cherish the mother and child bonding moment by just yourself. Point here is that, the person ends up getting too involved into how the video actually looks than to be realistically enjoying the happening moment itself!

Previously, I had deleted all of my social media and all I could do on my phone was probably texting and calling my family. In these times, I had gone on a couple of outings, which made me realise that people hardly even communicate anymore as they are too busy taking selfies on their snapchats or other source of social media. However, now that I have got all of these social media's back on my phone, I also feel prisoned by all of it. It is like, you can't even be happy without showing people what you're doing with your life!


Menstrual Issues

Sadly, young girls not attending schools and work is commonly overlooked: menstruation. Somehow, it has been declared in the society that women are not to be spoken about their menstrual issues in public.
This is due to embarrassment or maybe because it does not seem so graceful to the men. Unfortunately, there are still some countries out there who do not educate the young girls at a certain age about periods. The nature of a womens body has to be educated to not just females but also males. Every human being is ought to know the nature of a womens body. It is proven that mostly, these topics are not to be discussed in an asian community household. Quite generic, but there are still beliefs held in superstitious acts as most asian women are still not allowed to visit any temples during their menstrual cycle. 
Needless to say, many of us girls have definitely experienced the fear of visibility of our main issue. This can all definitely be defeated if we start talking about this as a general topic rather than something which is shown as an act of 'Embarrassment in Society.'

Jotie. K

Gender Equations

Inspired from Kimberly. G

Gender Inequality has definitely been one of the hot topics for years. However, I do believe in Gender Equations. There is always something that a man can do and a woman cannot. Or, things that woman can do, the man can't even attempt.

Every human body is made in a way to function together. Things such as discrimination are invented by people like us, who make us want to believe one is always better than the other. We are all made in a way to process through our own set of minds.

Hence, there should be no such thing as competition between the genders. There is always going to be one superior than the other, but you should always learn to work as an equation.